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“Nyumbani Field News”

Welcome to the Nyumbani Estate blog …. bringing you news and views from our Estate Manager, Chris Martin, as he travels each day across the Estate and the broader Blue Canyon Conservancy in which we are located. The development of the estate over the coming year is an exciting prospect for us all, but it’s something that we are undertaking in an enviromentally sympathetic manner and it’s Chris’ job to ensure that all our environmental considerations in the field are maintained.

Chris is a qualified Field Guide, registered with the Field Guides of Southern Africa (FGASA) and an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) in the UK. His photographic work has been published internationally in a host of magazines and is regularly featured online in National Geographic. Chris guides wildlife photographic safaris for photographers of all abilities across many locations in Sub-Saharan Africa and his knowledge of African flora and fauna is extensive.


As a Ranger operating daily across the conservancy, he plays a leading role in the protection and preservation of our rhino population and is the current General Manager of Rhino Revolution, a community based conservation NGO that Nyumbani Estate has taken on board as it’s nominated conservation charity.

Chris’ role for Nyumbani Estate is to work closely with the management services team employed by the conservancy to undertake the required veld management workload, and ensure that the priorities for Nyumbani are being maintained. He also monitors all the animal and bird activity on the reserve, especially in the vicinity of the development, keeping track of the populations and any behavioural responses as a result of external factors such as the changing seasons etc. His knowledge and experience will be an invaluable source to Nyumbani visitors and homeowners.


Watch this space over the coming weeks and months and follow Chris’ observations as flora and fauna on the Estate moves from the dry late winter landscape into the green and succulent African summer.

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