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Nyumbani Estate – Boma Camp update

We are very excited to be able to share with you the first part of the Nyumbani Estate development. The venture is to develop a private residential estate set in a big game safari reserve. The development will consist of no more than 18 luxury private residential 3 – bed homes, all serviced by a main lodge. The properties is being sold off plan, which means all aspects of the project has already been conducted; feasibility, architect, surveyors, design, planning, costs, legal, financial and preliminary marketing. The venture is ready for the next stage of development and marketing.

As with any high value product, we believe the best message to be delivered is the one that comes right out of the product itself. For that reason, we decided to develop a Boma Camp holiday opportunity on the Estate that could be utilised as a beautiful, rustic, private safari experience; prior to any infrastructure development of the estate. As you can imagine, this creates some challenges, but we have overcome them, the main ones being water supply, electricity and similar practical solutions for a land prior to formal development. Our solutions fall in line with the ethos of the venture. What is a ‘Boma’ Camp? A Boma is an enclosed area where people come together to share company, enjoy good food, experience outdoor living whilst having some form of protection usually via a wooden fencing within a camp. We have utilised that concept to create a Boma Camp setting for two well-presented double bed chalets, set against the backdrop of the Klein Drakensberg (Afrikaans for small dragon mountains) mountain range. Serviced by very comfortable, earthy and decadent lounge, dining and appropriately placed facilities to ensure your needs are accommodated without being too intrusive to your yearning for a natural experience and interaction in the Wilds. We believe in low-impact intrusion to land development, we believe in complimentary conservation with wildlife and humans. We believe creating a quaint, homely, fully serviced and very private Boma Camp in the Bush; will provide anyone who desires to experience the Nyumbani Estate in its infancy, whilst possibly considering purchasing a Nyumbani Estate private home off plan. This will be the best and most perfect opportunity for you to consider. You can enjoy a 3 – 5 day stay on Nyumbani Estate Boma Camp, with a real back to nature experience in a fully self-contained bush camp setting. The Estate will be high-end and fully managed. The Boma Camp offers a different, more discerning interaction on the Estate and in Safari. See video of the Boma Camp under construction on our Facebook page: Boma Camp construction

Maxine Smith – Executive Director – Nyumbani Estate

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