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Monkeys in South Africa

Did you know there are over 250 species of monkeys around the world?  Quite a number, and when you consider the size of South Africa, only 2 of the 250 come from there.   These are the Vervet Monkey and the Samango Monkey.  Of the two species, Samango monkeys are not wide spread or common in South Africa as they tend to reside in the coastal forests of Kwa Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, and the Afromontane forests of Mpumalanga.

Just like in the human world the female Vervet monkey is fiercely maternal.  She remains constantly with her young offspring, staying loyal to them for as long as she remains useful.  Unlike the male, who mates, then roams about from troop to troop, in different social groups throughout their years.

Like us, they are pretty affectionate and tactile creatures; I don’t mean by giving a nice cuddle or kiss.  No, their affection is displayed in their grooming rituals where they take the time to work through each others coats of fur, removing parasites, dirt and other bits.

So, whilst you are on your game drive keep an eye out for these funny little monkeys.  They can sometimes be elusive due to their many predators as they are vulnerable to Leopard, Caracal, Servals, Baboons, large Eagles, Crocodiles and Pythons, and more.

So many wonderful animals that make up the diversity of amazing game drives.

Sandra Stuart – Executive Support, Nyumbani Estate

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