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“A Blue Jewel in South Africa’s Conservation Crown”

When creating and launching the Nyumbani Estate concept, it was paramount to all of us involved that we find somewhere really special to be our home. Southern Africa is awash with private National Parks, Game Reserves and concessions but for Nyumbani the search was exhaustive. We wanted to ensure that our home was an outright “special place” … special to those of us who work here, and special to those of you who will live here. We found that place … nestling between the small town of Hoedspruit in Limpopo and the majestic northern arm of the Drakensberg mountains. It is known as the Blue Canyon Game Conservancy and if


The reserve boasts a diversity of flora and fauna fit to grace our TV screens in a David Attenborough natural history epic. What’s more, the reserve up to now has resisted the temptation to over commercialise the location and so offers the most peaceful and tranquil place to either live, or to take a magnificent holiday in the African bush. With only 3 lodges currently existing on it’s 15,000 hectares, one of the things you can be guaranteed is that when you go out on safari here, you and your Ranger will have the place to yourself. Imagine that, a place in the heartland of South African wildlife conservation, adjoining the Kruger National Park, where you can roam to your hearts content and never see another soul. It truly is magical and an opportunity to stay here in the Blue Canyon is every naturalist’s dream.

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The creation of the Blue Canyon Conservancy was the first step in the dream to create what could become one of the largest and best protected wildlife refuges in Southern Africa. Trevor was joined by Dr Joos Scheepers and the Steinberg family, two of the largest landowners in the vicinity and together they, as the rese



What of the elusive leopard?? The Blue Canyon has an excellent record at being able to share these sightings with guests and residents often enjoy their sundowner drink watching these beautiful cats soak up the last rays of the sun. Through the


I could wax lyrical about the mammals of the Blue Canyon for a long time, but the i


All said and done, from a personal perspective whilst many a reserve or  region can boast amazing mammal and birdlife, for me it must have it’s own distinctive and inherent beauty. It is here that the Blue Canyon Conservancy really comes into it’s own. In all honesty, when making direct comparisons with other Lowveld reserves, none can compare with the sublime beauty of the Blue Canyon. For some people it is the dramatic western skyline of the Drakensberg which every evening provides a stage for one of the most spectacular sunsets in South Africa. For others, the tree diversity alone is what sets it apart. The Northern sector of the reserve is home to the most spectacular riverine areas, with river banks lined with huge Fig and Jackelberry trees. Walking trails and “two track” vehicle trails wind their way through some of the most beautiful and peaceful African landscape. It’s a bush lovers paradise, peaceful and barely travelled by the wildlife tourist. For me, the end of a days work is always celebrated with a cold drink at one of the reserves spectacular dams, all of which at some stage of the year carry a healthy population of very vocal hippos! It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures!

All of us associated with Nyumbani are excited to be a part of this wonderful “Eden”. We are proud to be working with our colleagues on the Board of Trustees for the Blue Canyon Conservancy and we share the excitement of delivering upon the long term strategic aims of the conservancy. It’s a huge responsibility to dedicate oneself to the preservation

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